Underwater -LED Pool Light

LED pool lights are very attractive, economical, and durable. These lights are installed in a similar way to the normal pool lights by screwing them to the walls of the pool. The LED lights consume less energy and can last longer than the other light bulbs. The Latest models of LED pool lights use lower voltage than the older lights that make them safer and economical. The lights come in a variety of colors such as red, green, blue etc. that catch the eye of most of the people. The LED pool lights are easy to install.


Luminaire Structure

– Stainless steel grade body.
– Durable silicone rubber gasket.
– Clear toughened glass.
– Maximum underwater depth 2 meters.
– The luminaire must be submerged
whe operational.
– The luminaire is constant current.
type and need connecting in series

 12V – 24V


– Lifespan : 30,000-50,000 h
– CCT : 3000K-6500K
– IP Grade : IP68
– Red/Green/Blue/RGB

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